EVERY BREATH TAKEN IS PRICELESS;Dr. Ray Osarogiagbon’s lung cancer awareness message


Tobi Clifford, an intelligent vibrant final year student in the university has been diagnosed with lung cancer. The journey hasn’t been an easy one as he says, it’s been an arduous one, but he has been beating all odds. He works on becoming stronger daily, he shares his struggles about how people think he is a chronic smoker. But he has never smoked a day in his life but has been surrounded by people that smoke almost throughout his life. As a new member of Move Against Cancer Africa – a nonprofit headquartered in Abuja – he intends to create awareness in the general public at large by sharing his experience and the information that smoking is not the only cause of lung cancer. There are other factors that cause lung cancer and he hopes to bring this to limelight so the world at large can be a better place to live in.

This November, in honor of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Ray Osarogiagbon—a thoracic oncologist…

Source: Linda Ikeji