Anna Ebiere shares sexy beach photo with her baby daddy, Flavour


Flavor Is even doing all these ASHAWO BABES A FAVOR, HERE IS why,if I can fuck an accountant In nigeria and still spoil her with cash,u can imagine what happens to too many educated ,jobless Ashawo babes all.over the place searching for cash and dick. My accountant fuck gave me a bill she wanted to settle,I gave her five grand(U.S.) and fucked her for one month ..I think the present economic situation in Nigeria has something to do with this Toto splash by women. If anyone has money like flavor u get them so easily, I ain’t joking guys. They just spread their cunt so wide u just wonder what happened to the days when women used to hide their pussy when u finished fucking them cos they r shy. Those days r gone with the wind. The hustle is real.

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Source: Linda Ikeji