Nigerians react after Twitter user claimed that the CEO of Nigerian company sends his female staff home anytime their pant lining is visible


Love about 28 minutes ago

*Assuming* after dancing and rejoicing in your new mansion last night, you woke up this morning to rush and catch up with your daily activities as you are doing right now, and you saw your body still lying helplessly on the bed. You were shocked, You tried to pick up your iphone 6 to call your (Rev) pastor or relatives and you couldn’t pick it up. You tried opening your wardrobe to pick some money you hid there and couldn’t. You started crying but no one heard you. You try touching the gate to go out, but u just went right through it. You went outside and your house mates were chatting, but you were not recognised. After some minutes, you saw your house neighbours coming out of your room with a severe cry, hitting their hands on your brand new Range Rover Jeep.
All you could hear them saying is *”HE IS GONE”* or *”SHE IS GONE”* You stood there watching them cry their hearts out in pain. So you asked yourself *WHERE EXACTLY AM I GOING?*
Your spirit…

Source: Linda Ikeji