TECNO Nigeria plans to wow us this Valentine!


TECNO Nigeria plans to wow us this Valentine!

Some things are constant. Whether or not the days speed past, or crawl by, some things are just a given; they always find their way back to us. One of such things, is Valentine’s Day. Ladies and gentlemen, like it has been done since the Middle Ages, Valentine’s Day is upon us again. It’s such a special day for lovers to take time out and remind each other that they are indeed still in love.

TECNO Blue Valentine has been a tradition of TECNO over the years. During this period, consumers are offered deals, people get rewarded with gifts for their loved ones and couples get exclusive treatment from TECNO. This year, TECNO Blue Valentine is back, but with the bar raised higher and the benefits to the fans even bigger!

TECNO is a brand tailored specially for Nigerians; so, it’s no wonder that they know how important weddings are to Nigerians. They also understand how much money goes into making a wedding a memorable one.

Putting all these into consideration, the No 1…

Source: Linda Ikeji