Nigerian mum meets her son, Abasiono Udofiah, a U.S. Marine, for the first time in over a year and her reaction is priceless (video)


Dude’s height caught my attention at first. He’s so fucking tall. He should be 6’7 or 6’9. I wish I am that tall, I hate standing next to taller men. I swear it makes me cringe and feel inferior to the bone. Reason is because even with my height me standing 5’11 I am teller than the average male. In fact in this part of the world, I am taller than 80% random men when walking on the road. But the moment I see a taller man, my energy drains. That useless one inch to at least make me 6 feet didn’t come. God punish that 1inch. If I have my way, I want to be standing at Shaquille O’Neals height. Nigga is 7’1. Perfect! Not Yao Ming or Larry Bird or Manure Bol that one na diesease.

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Source: Linda Ikeji