It’s a Zonkey – Zebra gives birth to an unusual baby after mating with Donkey (photos)



A wildlife organization in Kenya has announced the birth of a “Zonkey” which came after its mother, a Zebra mated with a donkey. 


The stray Zebra began an amorous affair with the donkey after it ventured out of the Tsavo East National Park, into a community bordering the park. It became an honorary member of a local woman’s cattle herd before Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (an organisation that works to rescue and rehabilitate animals in Kenya), were called in to relocate the wildlife into a protected area. 


The Zebra was transferred to Chyulu National Park, but her foal was only noticed few weeks ago as it has a gestation period of 12 months. 


The group wrote; 


It’s a Zonkey!

Working with wildlife, one learns to expect the unexpected. Even the most seemingly straightforward story can eventually reveal its true stripes and end up surprising us all.

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Source: Linda Ikeji