How an article about Elrufai’s wife’s reaction to her son’s threat to “pass” around someone’s mother led to the Deputy Editor of Brittle Paper losing his job


How an article about Elrufai

The Nigerian literary community is currently engulfed in controversy over the sack of the Deputy Editor of Brittle Paper, Otosirieze Obi-Young, resulting from an article he wrote addressing Hadiza Elrufai’s reaction when her son threatened to “pass” someone’s mother around to his friends.


On Sunday, April 12, Bello El-Rufai, in a series of tweets, had threatened to “pass” the mother of another Twitter user to his friends after describing the woman as a “whore.”


Bello wrote in a private message to the follower after they argued about politics: “Tell your mother I’m passing her to my friends tonight.”


“No Igbo sounds please!” Bello El-Rufai added an ethnic attack, having thought the Twitter user was Igbo.


Twitter users were incensed by this and they tagged Bello’s mother, Hadiza El-Rufai to tweets about her son’s threat to gang rape someone’s mother.


Hadiza El-Rufai responded: “All you people talking about @B_ELRUFAI Don’t @ me. Sow the wind, reap the…

Source: Linda Ikeji