Girls who survived Nigeria’s baby factory share their stories


Girls who survived Nigeria

Girls who ended up in IDP camps after escaping Boko Haram attacks have told of how they were deceived by human traffickers who then forced them to become baby-making machines in baby factories.


The girls shared their story with Al Jazeera. They told of how they were trafficked from the north to eastern Nigeria, raped almost daily by different men, then had their babies taken from them when they gave birth.


16-year-old Miriam (not real name) told of how a middle-aged woman she knew as “Aunty Kiki” approached her when she stepped out of her tent to fetch water near the Madinatu Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Borno state in January last year. 


She asked Miriam if she was interested in moving to Enugu to work as a housemaid for a monthly salary. 


Miriam, who is now 17, wasted no time in accepting the offer and began to prepare for her trip to the east the following day.


She told her 17-year-old cousin, Roda (not real name), about it and advised her…

Source: Linda Ikeji