This Nigerian lady says she gave birth after 28 months of pregnancy! OK!


A Nigerian lady took to Facebook to claim she gave birth after being pregnant for 2 years and 4 months.

Erm, which planet is that possible? But according to Peace Okeke-Amadi, she waited for 5 years to get pregnant after the birth of her first child but the new pregnancy took a different turn. 

She claimed that during those months she waited to give birth to her baby, many claimed her sin kept her in the condition she was in. Others also alleged that her pregnancy is a scam and that she was mocking God.  

Peace claimed she conceived her child in December 2017 and welcomed her baby girl on April 28, 2020! Lol. OK!

On the 20th December , 2017 , I took in, went for urine and blood PT and the result came out positive .. I was so happy because I had waited for this to happen for more than 5yrs after my first child…

Three months into my first trimester I suddenly started bleeding,I was so scared,the doctor tried to stop the bleeding but it persisted and came out in big clots.. I…

Source: Linda Ikeji