Nigerian man reveals “why men don’t like receiving gifts from women in romantic relationships”


A Nigerian man took to Twitter to reveal why he thinks men don’t like receiving gifts from women in romantic relationships. 

According to @MrOdanz, women always haunt men with material things they gave out in a romantic relationship when things go south. 

He further alleged that men seldomly cry out for help or harrass their ex-girlfriends when they get dumped in a relationship they spent a lot in. 

Dozens of Igbo men have sponsored the life and education of women they want to marry till graduation. Most of them get dumped at the end of their sacrifice.They drink it down with beer, wail to their friends and move on You don’t see them crying for help and harassing their Ex

Some men even rented houses for their Exes, fund their lives and the lives of all their family members. Sometimes in expectation for nothing. When things don’t work out, they pack up and leave in dignity. No drama, no emotional blackmail, no victimhood Olympics

But it is the SUPERIOR GENDER that will go beserk…

Source: Linda Ikeji