“I regret everything I’ve done” Amy Childs speaks about undergoing cosmetic surgery at 18 as she advices young women to desist from it


"I regret everything I

Amy Childs has expressed regret over undergoing plastic surgery at the tender age of 18.


In a new BBC documentary, I’ve Been There, the TV personality, 29, detailed the dangers of cosmetic procedures as she attempted to discourage two young women from going under the knife. 


“I honestly look back at pictures now and I look like a freak”, the media personality reflected on her past “addiction”, which led her to have a boob job, botox, lip fillers and veneers.


In her teens, Amy boosted her bust by three sizes, going from an A-cup to a D-cup, before jumping to a 30EE for a second boob job at the age of 23.


"I regret everything I


Admitting the negative aspects of being a role model during her rise to fame, she told host Katie Thistleton: “These 14 year old girls wanted to look up to me and I’m obviously part of the problem.”


In May last year, the mother-of-two underwent an eight-hour operation after experiencing pain in her chest following a rupture in her left implant, and a month…

Source: Linda Ikeji