#UnionRiseChallenge – What Are You Doing to Rise?


#UnionRiseChallenge ? What Are You Doing to Rise?

For millions across the world, the past few months have been like the script of a thriller movie. Life as we know it has changed in ways we could never have imagined. People, communities, organisations, and even economies across the world have been shaken to their core!


But in the midst of all the uncertainty and gloom, there are individuals, groups, and small businesses among us rising and making a difference here in Nigeria. People who are being innovative, charitable, creative, and resourceful.


And so, it’s exciting to hear that Union Bank has introduced the #UnionRiseChallenge to shine the spotlight on people who are doing all they can to thrive even in this pandemic and impacting the lives of others while at it.


Every week for 4 weeks, Union Bank is selecting 10 of the most inspiring stories to share and reward. If your story is selected, you will receive N250,000 Naira from Union Bank to support the work you are doing to RISE above the pandemic.


The Union…

Source: Linda Ikeji