#UnionRiseChallenge – Doubt Your Doubt! You too Can Rise!


#UnionRiseChallenge ? Doubt Your Doubt! You too Can Rise!

The buzz has heightened as The Union Rise Challenge enters its fourth (and final) week!

Inspiring stories have continued to pour in through various social media channels, with many Nigerians showcasing their creativity, innovation, and impact, even in the face of the challenging times caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic.


So far, 30 winning entries have emerged since the Challenge kicked off on the first of June, with the top ten entries announced each Saturday.


One of the winning entries from last weekend’s announcement was from Babatunde Onakoya, convener of Chess in Slums, an initiative that focuses on teaching children from underserved communities the game of chess to promote their intellectual development. Working with volunteers and donors, the group was able to raise funds during the pandemic to procure iPads so the kids could continue learning remotely. The group also organised a food outreach in the Majidun/Ogolonto area of Lagos State.


Another entry which…

Source: Linda Ikeji