Men are still having more orgasms than women – New study reveals 3 in 10 women fake their orgasms regularly


                      5f01f848b4ff4According to a new study, a large orgasm gap still exists between men and women as men at 66% are still climaxing more often than women at  43%. The new study conducted by sex toy company Lelo and released on National Orgasm Day (July 5) has revealed that almost one in 20 women have never orgasmed with a sexual partner.  The result of the survey that involved  4,000 heterosexual female and male participants from across the UK also revealed that many male partners are unaware that women are not climaxing with majority of participants in relationships saying their partner orgasms 60% of the time.    According to the study, this could partially be due to some women not being physically able to climate during sex, rather than lack of trying by their partner.  Additional research by Lelo revealed three in 10 people fake their orgasms on a regular basis, with women more likely to do so, according to the study. And only a third of those surveyed have spoken to their…

Source: Linda Ikeji