Photos of the woman branded as a ‘child abuser’ because she breastfed her 4 & 7 year old daughters


                           Photos of the woman branded as a

Sophie Mei Lan, 32, has revealed she was branded as a ‘child abuser’ when she breastfed her daughters aged 4 and 7 years old together.

According to Sophie, from West Yorkshire, she would breastfeed her daughters, Arianna, then four, and Jasmine, then seven, in public despite being told to ‘put it away’ and that it was ‘child cruelty.’

Photos of the woman branded as a

Speaking on Friday from her home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, the single mum said she aimed to normalise breastfeeding and didn’t let critics get to her.

Sophie says Jasmine would ask for milk both before and after her school day and never struggled to suckle her breast.

Sophia said; “I’ve always aimed to normalise breastfeeding so I would do it in public regardless of the looks I would get from others.

Photos of the woman branded as a

“I did feel more embarrassed as the girls got older but it’s not my problem that people have decided to sexualise it in a way that makes it seem ‘abnormal’ as it’s completely natural to breastfeed.


Source: Linda Ikeji