Fornication in Nigeria is an industry on its own


Tech entrepreneur, Victor Asemota, is of the opinion that fornication has become an industry in Nigeria.

In a Twitter thread, Asemota reflected on how men in Nigeria go the extra mile to satisfy themselves sexually. According to him, some Nigerian legislators left the county for South Africa in 2001 and had already made plans to court their side chics.

”We traveled with Nigerian legislators to a conference in South Africa 2001. Minutes after we arrive before we get to Sun City, we stop at Sandton and they have call-forwarded babes. I wish Nigerian men can be as efficient in governance as they are at organizing fornication.

Nigerian men go to extreme lengths and commit great resources to cheat. I asked a guy once and he told me it was the thrill of it and not really the sex. A girl once confided in me that one big Oga just likes to be cuddled and seen with hot girls, he doesn’t even do the sex part.

I mean, people buy yachts and beach houses just for fornication. A whole ass…

Source: Linda Ikeji