‘If you can protest in person you can vote in person’



US president Donald Trump, on Wednesday August 19, urged Americans to disregard mail-in voting and go to the ballot box to vote, declaring “if you can protest in person, you can vote in person”.




Mail-in ballots is a type of voting system where people can vote from home using mail while universal voting is the type where people have to go to a voting booth and use ballots.


Trump’s tweet on Wednesday comes after he and his wife, Melania, who are registered voters in Palm Beach County Florida, voted by mail-in ballots in Tuesday’s Congressional GOP primary race.


His tweet also comes after Democrat party sponsored protests swept across Washington this week, as Democrats feel he could be swaying the election in his favour by not adequately funding the United States Postal service.


Trump feels mail-in ballots will lead to mass voter fraud and has repeatedly voiced his opposition to mail-in ballots, leading congress to draw up a $25b stimulus funding for the Postal…

Source: Linda Ikeji