Pastor Adeboye’s son, Leke gifts corn seller money after watching her pray over her charcoal pot (video)


Who is this funny son of Adeboye trying to fool? His father collects Tithes, offerings, seeds and first fruits from people like this woman, further impoverishing them. Worse is, he uses the proceeds to buy Private Jets, real Estates, convoy of mint SUVs with police men equipped with AK 47 to protect him. He builds Ivy league schools that the likes of this woman are made to contribute to, but cannot dream to send their kids to school at. Meantime, his church/business center is registered under part C of CAMA as a charity organization. The survivors and descendants to take over these investments upon his demise, certain, is this Leke and his other Children of the full blood. I do not even blame the deceitful Pastors anymore, the people whos’ income are systematically robbed with Bible words, they form the main block of the Pastors’ defenders when they are called out. Particularly the one called KACHI, one little bit of shit, reptile looking blog urchin that I’ve been told fails…

Source: Linda Ikeji