Kiddwaya’s fans hold World press conference for him as he returns to Abuja (video)


abeg kiddwaya enjoy yourself,I have worked as a experience well behaved nurse/midwife for more than 12yrs without nothing to show but somebody cooked indomie for 30secs and won 2millions,erica insulted Laycon to death,she was rewarded with 100,000dollars meanwhile I have delivered more than 200babies no reward meanwhile some fools are here insulting bbnaija fans,Linda ikeji that you are worshipping and adore started like them,vee made 8millions within ten weeks,when I was working my 12months salary was not up to one million,people that are abusing those housemates are just jealous,let me educate you on the benefit of bbnaija.30nigerians won one million each,that means 30millions were created,those 20housemates whether you hate or you die are all millions now,vee won 8millions from those tasks,Laycon 10millions apart of the 85millions,Nengi 6millions,many you tubers and bloggers were created from creating contents from the bbnaija show,some old you tubers and older bloggers…

Source: Linda Ikeji