King Sunny Ade is not my son’s father — Raymond Dokpesi’s daughter, Homto says


Homto Dokpesi, daughter of DAAR communications owner, Chief Alegho Raymond Dokpesi, has denied claim of Fuji star Sunny Ade being the father of her son. 

Reacting to rumours of King Sunny Ade being the father of her child in an interview with The Nation, Homto stated that she doesn’t know the fuji star personally.  

King Sunny Ade had done a song in honour of my dad years ago. I think I was about five years old at the time and my name was mentioned in the song. I still get people saying to me, ‘Oh, this is the face of Homto from that KSA Song’.

King Sunny Ade always plays in all of our events that I can remember. Even as far back as my dad’s 35th birthday. He performed at my village in Agenebode for my grandfather’s burial. He performed at my siblings’ weddings and even on my traditional wedding day. I met KSA through the influence of my dad.

I do not know KSA personally aside from dancing to his songs on stage.

veryone is always looking for answers to their questions….

Source: Linda Ikeji