“As a doctor, I’ve never seen anything like it” Nigerian boy’s genotype reportedly changed from SS to AA



A Nigerian boy’s genotype has reportedly changed from SS to AA and a medical doctor who claims to have been handling his case has spoken about it to convince critics that it really happened.


The boy, named David, was reportedly born with the sickle cell anaemia. Dr Imoh Ebong claims she’s been handling his case for years.


A Twitter user with the username Samsparrow Shalom took to the platform to claim that David’s genotype is now AA after years of being SS and suffering as a result.


Shalom wrote: “From SS to AA. We need to hear more Testimonies in this our generation. Make e no look like say Heaven go strike on us. God remains faithful!”




A lot of people were skeptical and said there must have been a mistake or a medical explanation for it.





A Twitter user, Love Ojimba then claimed the same thing happened to her, writing: “Glory to God. Earlier this year God did the same miracle for me. He changed my genotype to AA, had to check 3 times at different…

Source: Linda Ikeji