Jealous husband cuts off wife’s head after he saw her talking to a neighbour then carries it to police station (photos)


Jealous husband cuts off wife

A jealous husband allegedly cut his wife’s head off when he caught her talking to their neighbour in India.


Kinnar Yadav, 40, had long suspected his wife Vimla, 35, of being unfaithful to him, according to reports.


Some residents of Baberu, located in Banda region in India’s Uttar Pradesh, reportedly told Kinnar Yadav his wife Vimla was having an affair with Ravikant Yadav who lives in a house near the couple.


On Friday morning, October 9, Kinnar took a walk and returned home to find Vimla chatting with Rakivant.


According to police, Rakivant was looking to buy a buffalo and Vimla had been giving him tips when her husband came and saw them chatting.


Seeing the two of them together angered Kinnar so much that he grabbed an axe and attacked the Rakivant, injuring him before he fled the scene.


He then turned his attention to his wife, killing her and severing her head from her body.


Jealous husband cuts off wife


The couple’s two sons, Bhagat and Prahlad, weren’t home at the…

Source: Linda Ikeji