Why Choose Study Across Globe


Why Choose Study Across Globe

Study Across Globe is the highest Students recruiter to Ireland and Second best Students Recruiter to the UK


We presently have 100% visa success rate for September 2020 for schools in the UK 


Study Across Globe is the best agent for study in Ireland in Nigeria and West Africa.


Study Across had the highest Irish study visa approval rate in the last two years in Nigeria and West Africa


Study Across Globe has the largest Student referrals network in Nigeria because of our good record of visa success rate.


Networking Opportunities with other students studying abroad.


Our services are absolutely free for the two study destinations (UK and Ireland). Enjoy our transparent admissions and visa support processing


For more information Call: ?08065007668, ?09086301087, ?08024716740


Email: [email protected][email protected]studyacrossglobe.com.


Address: Study Across Globe, Oluwatobi House,  2nd Floor, 73, Allen Avenue,  Beside MTN Office(Allen), Ikeja,…

Source: Linda Ikeji