”Na soldiers kill people for Lekki”- Dino Melaye sings in new music video


Word about 18 minutes ago

Nigerian youths, shine your eyes; this guy is part of the group of oppressors making life miserable for you. If there’s any justice in this world, this man should be serving concurrent jail sentences of at least 20 years for stealing public funds via bogus constituency projects funds, arm twisting MDAs for bribes during budget defences in national assembly committees, sponsoring murderous thugs during elections and being a mascot for all that’s wrong in our land. His ilk should be banned from holding public office permanently. This dude is so shameless, he flaunts his loot on the social media and inadvertently destroys the moral fabrics of our nation by showing our impressionable youths that crime pays very handsomely. It’s a sad commentary on our national life that such vermin gets to talk about bad govt in which he participated exclusively for 20 years; from 1999 to 2019 as rep member and senator. People roast thieves for stealing loafs of bread…

Source: Linda Ikeji