We are here for you and we are going to help make things better… starting now


We are here for you and we are going to help make things better... starting now

The events of recent days and weeks have been a difficult period in our country’s history.
We have all been anxious, worried and pained at what we have seen in the media and what
we have heard from our customers, our colleagues and our loved ones.

As one of Nigeria’s largest businesses serving every part of our society, it is our responsibility
and duty to make a difference. Corporates cannot simply stand by and send messages of
solidarity and then go back to ‘business as usual’ without helping get their customers and
communities back on-track.

Supporting business, large and small, is in our DNA and in recent years we have seen
entrepreneurial spirit that filled us with hope and confidence in the future. Our young
technology entrepreneurs have been building businesses that are celebrated globally and
we have seen SMEs flourish and innovate across the country. There has been a set-back on
this journey and we feel the hurt of our nation. We are committed to restarting…

Source: Linda Ikeji