Wole Soyinka condemns video asking Igbo indigenes to leave Yorubaland


Noble laureate, Wole Soyinka has condemned a video of UK-based secessionist, Adeyinka Grandson asking the Igbos to leave Yorubaland amid the #EndSARS crisis in the country. 

Soyinka in a statement he titled ‘Identity Thieves on the Rampage’ and released on Saturday October 24, enjoined Igbo indigenes to ignore such threats which seeks to create disharmony in the country. He averred that the threat “is the work of sick, cowardly minds”.

“Undoubtedly in order to promote the video clip of an ethnic revanchist calling on Igbo to leave Yoruba land, this same lunatic fringe has exhumed, and embarked on circulating an ancient fabrication – several years mouldering in the grave – once attributed to me and vigorously denounced. 

“That statement impudently expounds, as my utterance, what the Hausa want, what the Yoruba want, and what the Igbo want.

“Such an attribution – let me once again reiterate – is the work of sick, cowardly minds that are ashamed, or lack the…

Source: Linda Ikeji