Man axes father to death in Enugu


Man axes father to death in Enugu

The police in Enugu state have arrested one Johnson Ogbu for allegedly hacking his 64-year-old father, William Ogbu, to death at Aji Community in Igbo Eze North Local Government Area of the state.


According to reports, the deceased had five children – two sons and three daughters. Johnson who is one of his sons, was mentally challenged a few years ago but got treated and later became a shoemaker. Johnson lived with his parents in their home in Umuidenyi.


On the day of the incident, Johnson’s mother left their home to join other villagers to celebrate the Umuidenyi clan day at the Umuidenyi Town Hall. It was in her absence that the suspect allegedly used an axe to break his father’s skull, killing him on the spot instantly. He allegedly dragged his father’s body to the nearby plantain plantation and dug the ground where he buried the body.


It was alleged that Johnson’s mother who came back later asked her son the whereabouts of his father and was informed that the…

Source: Linda Ikeji