The fate of Nigeria solely depends on the Peoples Democratic Party- Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike says (video)


Idiotic talk. Is it the same PDP that ruled Nigeria for 16 years with no electricity, no good roads and bridges, no drinkable water, massive unemployment, the grand mismanagement of the emergence of Boko Haram, fixation on importation of Thailand rice, Burkina Faso beans and onions? The same class of destiny destroyers who bankrupted our oil resources and turned our youths into illegal migrants, drug addicts, barely literate, petty criminals and prostitutes? The same PDP that couldn’t even finish its own HQ in Abuja despite raising N43bn for a N6bn project? Whatever challenges we are facing today incubated during its three lacklustre administrations. PDP set us back by 30 years when it refused to focus on massive infrastructure to escalate consistent economic growth by frittering away $16bn investment on energy and neglected the real and agricultural sectors. By comparison, it took Egypt just two and a half years to generate 14.4Gw with $6bn. This party of crooks should have…

Source: Linda Ikeji