My son contracted COVID19 last term


My son contracted COVID19 last term - Comedian, Owen Gee reveals as he kicks against reopening of schools

Comedian, Owen Osamwengie aka Owen Gee, has shared the story of how his nine-year-old son contracted the novel Coronavirus while in school last term.


Owen Gee who is against the reopening of schools disclosed his family’s experience with the viral disease in an interview with Punch.


The comedian said him, his wife, and his first son got infected with covid while looking after his second son who got diagnosed with the viral disease.  


“I have two kids, one is in primary while the other is in secondary school. Last term, one of my kids came home ill and was sick for a while. We kept treating him for malaria but to no avail. We treated him for two weeks till he lost his senses of smell and taste. He had body aches and was excessively weak. It was at that point we discovered he had contracted COVID-19. He was about nine years old at the time.

My wife and I started taking care of him because we could not abandon him, he is our son. In the process of taking care of him,…

Source: Linda Ikeji