U.S. President Joe Biden says Trump shouldn’t get intelligence briefings due to his ‘erratic behavior’


U.S. President Joe Biden says Trump shouldn?t get intelligence briefings due to his ?erratic behavior?

US President, Joe Biden has stated that ex-President Donald Trump’s “erratic behavior” should keep him from getting high-level intelligence briefings, given to other ex-presidents.


It’s normal for former presidents to get intelligence briefings. Presidents sometimes seek advice from their predecessors, and believe the briefings are a help.


But whether a former president gets briefings is the prerogative of a current president. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said earlier this week that the possibility of granting briefings to Trump was “under review.”

Biden speaking at a CBS News interview, said giving Trump briefings will be of no value to government. 

Anchor Norah O’Donnell then reminded Biden that he had once called Trump an “existential threat,” “dangerous” and “reckless.”


“Yeah, I have,” Biden said. “And I believe it.”

When O’Donnell asked Biden his greatest fear about providing Trump with briefings, the president…

Source: Linda Ikeji