Banditry will never end since they’ve politicized the issue of security


Banditry will never end since they?ve politicized the issue of security - Gov Wike

Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike, has said banditry and other security issues in Nigeria would not end because the government has politicized security issues in the country.


In a statement released by his media aide, Kelvin Ebiri, Governor Wike said by politicizing insecurity, the APC Government plunged the security troubled states into an unimaginable scale of banditry that may not end soon. According to the governor, when Rivers state experienced issues of insecurity in 2015, he ran to the FG but instead of support, the FG dismissed it as politics out of hatred for the State and desire to see the state remain ungovernable.

“They didn’t send special forces to Rivers as they’re sending to other states now. They refused to support me because they didn’t want the State to be governable. “Crime knows no boundary. It can be you tomorrow. If they had brought out zeal to fight crime, with seriousness, and collaboration irrespective of the party you belong to, good…

Source: Linda Ikeji