Five Lies of Entrepreneurship by Sujimoto


Five Lies of Entrepreneurship by Sujimoto“Don’t make someone else’s success journey your destination. Be inspired to create your own path” – Sijibomi Ogundele LLB There are numerous numbers of myths and lies surrounding entrepreneurship. These lies have made some promising entrepreneurs to chase shadows, run of out of breathe and quit prematurely. From “hard work is the only key” to “success to if you can believe it, you can achieve it”, the list of lies is endless. Below are some of the lies we have demystified: Good things come to those who waitYeah right, they will get to eat the leftovers of those who hustle, who are unreasonable, and who are persistent till they achieve their dreams.6054b6f4de945Entrepreneurs are born, not made.No one is born ready. Success is not served a la carte, it is a buffet. You have to go for it! The Dangote’s, Elumelu’s and the Elon Musk’s of this world, all worked their way to the top with hard work, dedication, and a never-give-up attitude.  6054b72f59543All you need is a good idea.An excellent idea is an important…

Source: Linda Ikeji