Governor Wike gifts Burna Boy a land and money to build; says he’ll give every artiste who performed at the singer’s homecoming concert N10m each (video)


Congratulations to Burna Boy, his success is something to be celebrated. Nevertheless, the way these bastards treat their State’s money as if it’s their personal account is insulting. We shouldn’t be celebrating corrupt and attention seeking governors for giving out the people’s money with recklessness. Some of these governors have not increase salaries even though there’s unimaginable inflation and poverty is grossly high. They can’t afford to pay teachers and civil servants living wage, but the crazy governors can give out state money to entertainers and TV personalities for fun and PR.
How many developed countries have we ever seen doing something like this? None, I’m sure. Hence, we have to condemn sh!t like this, unless, the governor can show the public that he is giving from his own personal money, anything else, should never be celebrated.
Companies and individuals, and even politicians can give monetary and other gifts to celebrate our successful and outstanding artists,…

Source: Linda Ikeji