“You’re in the wrong neighbourhood ” Black man harassed by white family for taking a walk in his neighbourhood (video)



A viral video shows the moment a white man harassed a black man taking a walk in his own neighbourhood and asked him to walk out of the neighbourhood because ”he doesn’t belong there.”


The white man, Jonathan Pentland, is a United States Army sergeant first class, and he’s currently trending on Twitter after the video went viral.


He’s being accused of being a racist and viewers have reported him to his boss.




In the video, Jonathan and his family are seen harassing and threatening a young black man, named Deandre, who explained he was just taking a walk in the neighbourhood in Columbia, South Carolina.


Jonathan asked the man to walk out of the neighbourhood and hinted at violence if he doesn’t.


P?ntland can b? heard in th? vid?o saying “What is it that you’re doing here?”


He added: “You can walk away or i’ll carry you out of here.”




The black man explained that he lives in the neighbourhood but Jonathan and his family didn’t believe him and Jonathan…

Source: Linda Ikeji