Three brothers blame ‘grumpy judge’ after mum gave all of her £850k will to their sister leaving them empty handed


Three brothers blame

Three brothers, Remo, Nino and David Rea, were left empty-handed after their mum gave her entire £850,000 fortune to their sister.

After losing a court appeal over the mum’s will, the brothers have blamed a “grumpy” judge for leaving them with nothing in an “emotionally charged” family row.


The three brothers claimed their mum Anna -who died aged 86 in 2016 only left them out of her will because their sister Rita (pictured below), a former tennis coach, had poisoned her mind against them.


Three brothers blame

The three brothers, all on their 50s fought their sibling for an equal share of their mum’s fortune in 2019.

But a judge ruled against them handing the whole fortune to 56-year-old Rita.


They then appealed, blaming “annoyed” and “grumpy” judge – Deputy Master Jonathan Arkush  for not giving them a fair hearing.

They also insisted they should get a second chance to fight their case.

On Wednesday, April 14, ruling on the appeal and handing the estate to Rita, the High Court rejected…

Source: Linda Ikeji