102.3 Max FM Hits 2 Million Radio Listeners Every Day


102.3 Max FM Hits 2 Million Radio Listeners Every Day

Nigeria’s leading independent broadcasting company, TVC Communications, owners of TVC, TVC News, Max FM Lagos and Abuja and Adaba FM today officially announced that its radio station, 102.3 Max FM Lagos, has now exceeded 2 million listeners per day, according to the latest official AMPS radio ratings for March, 2021.


The figures reveal that 102.3 MAX FM Lagos, increased daily listenership (March v February) by 150,000 to 2,045,342 per day with a market share of 22%. Q1 2021 V Q1 2020 shows listener numbers grew by 997,000 listeners.


Sister station 90.9 Max FM, Abuja, breached the half million listenership mark with 548,000 daily listeners, up 55,000 on February with a 32% market share. This means almost one in every three people listening to radio in the capital city of Abuja, now listen to Max FM at some point. Q1 2021 V Q1 2020 shows total listenership grew 740,177.


TVC Communications Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Hanlon said; “In less than four years on-air, MAX…

Source: Linda Ikeji

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