‘Oral sex is not stated in the bible’


?Oral sex is not stated in the bible? - Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe says in debut edition of Relationship and Marital Issues

Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe; a Christian minister, trained pharmacist and author who is the founder and senior pastor of Manna Prayer Mountain Ministry Worldwide, headquartered in Lagos and also the author of Our Daily Manna, a daily devotional has launched a new relationship and counselling programme on social media.

In the debut edition of Relationship and Marital issues series on Facebook, the respected man of God emphasized that Marriage is honourable and indulged everyone to do all they can to always create their own happiness rather than tie their happiness to a fellow human.

In his words, ‘if you’re unable to make yourself happy outside marriage, then you’ll most likely never be happy in marriage because you’ll always be waiting for your spouse to make you happy when your spouse falls short you’ll become miserable. Really and truly, marriage is for companionship because what happens if your spouse dies? Will you keep getting married over and over again?”.


Source: Linda Ikeji

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