Woman stripped naked by her ‘dad and brothers’, flogged mercilessly, gagged, and filmed after she was allegedly caught with a sex toy (video)


Woman stripped naked by her

A horrific video shows a woman begging as she was subjected to extreme torture by her “dad and brothers”, allegedly because she was caught with a sex toy.


The woman was stripped naked, held down by at least for grown men said to be her family members, and flogged mercilessly while she pleaded.


“Daddy please… brother please… mummy…” The woman is heard begging in Igbo as the men held her down and flogged her.


One of her male family members gagged her with a cloth when her screaming got too loud.


Woman stripped naked by her


She was warned that the flogging will start from the beginning if she doesn’t stop screaming.


She tried to turn from the cane but her brothers were too strong for her.


“Pour water on her,” a male voice is heard saying and someone pours water on her then continues flogging her naked body.


At some point, she’s seen looking too weak to struggle.


Her skin had already turned purple with cane marks all over her butt and back. Blood can also be seen running down…

Source: Linda Ikeji