11 year old girl kidnapped for 16 years… So sad!!!


11 year old girl kidnapped for 16 years... So sad!!!

Never EVER leave your child in the car to pop out to get something for even a second – anything could happen!


A movie revealing the mistakes that parents make that cause a lifetime of pain. The responsibility of parents in the lives of their children cannot be over emphasized, yet many parents take it for granted and expose their little ones to danger.


Parents let’s remember that while it’s important to look for daily bread for our family, their safety should come first.


When Lydia, in the course of taking her 11 year old daughter (Elina) out, she forgets her phone on the reception desk of the eatery they went… Leaving Elina alone in the car with the ignition on causes dire consequences..


Anticipate how she survived for 15years and is arrested for murder with an unexpected twist in the movie ELINA  which premieres on the 16th of May  @silverbirdgalleria and showing in cinemas Nationwide from May the 21st. DON’T MISS IT!


Starring @euchariaanunobi…

Source: Linda Ikeji