Church of God Mission denies a clergyman’s story that its founder, Archbishop Benson Idahosa, raised his mother from the dead


Church of God Mission denies a clergyman

The leadership of the Church of God Mission has issued a disclaimer to a clergyman’s story that the founder of the church, Archbishop Benson Idahosa, raised his own mother from the “dead.” 


The clergyman, Apostle Talena, while preaching in a church recently, said

”Archbishop Benson Idahosa, that man raises dead like drinking coke. He was in America when they sent a message that his mother is dead. He said my mother can’t die because God didn’t tell me. The last time I checked in the spirit, my mother is well. So if God must take her, he has to tell me.

So my mother is not dead. Put her on my bed, when I come back, I will wake her. So when are you coming back, he said in ten days time. They said she will smell, he said put her on the bed. If she smells, it is my room.

The first miracle, for ten days the body didn’t smell. The color of the mother changed from back to ash. Totally dead. Stone dead for 10 days. 

The man of God said he is not coming back until he finishes…

Source: Linda Ikeji