100 million Naira is up grabs in the #Winoraimo100M oraimo Slice promo!


100 million Naira is up grabs in the #Winoraimo100M oraimo Slice promo!

The hyper-connected world of today moves at a rapid speed. Millennials and working professionals are constantly attached to their smartphones, and one of their biggest problems is running out of battery while on the road.


With this understanding in mind, oraimo Nigeria introduced the oraimo Slice, a technologically superior power bank that features high-speed charging and a multi-protection safety system to give everyone with the assistance they require.


The oraimo Slice 10000 mAh Ultra Slim Fast Charging Power Bank features a sleek design, a large capacity of 10000mAh, and the ability to charge smartwatches, earphones, bluetooth headphones, speakers and more.


It has a Lithium polymer battery-cell enabled power bank with twin ports and oraimo’s high speed ‘AniFast’ charging technology which provides 2.1A real and full speed and 2 times faster than other 2.1A power banks allowing customers to charge two devices at the same time. You never worry about dead phones…

Source: Linda Ikeji