Social media regulation threatens rights


Social media regulation threatens rights - UN Warns

The United Nations on Wednesday July 14 warned that regulation of social media threatens rights of people. 


The international group stated that public and private actors are intervening against online content in ways that curtail rights and muzzle criticism.


It also disclosed that 40 new laws regulating social media have been adopted around the world in the past two years, with 30 more under examination.


Peggy Hicks of the UN Rights Office in Geneva said; 


“You see a digital world that is unwelcoming and frequently unsafe for people trying to exercise their rights. 

“You also see a host of government and company responses that risk making the situation worse. 

“Virtually every country that has adopted laws relating to online content has jeopardised human rights in doing so.

“In responding to public pressure to regulate online content, “some governments see such legislation as a way to limit speech they dislike and even silence civil society and…

Source: Linda Ikeji