Man dies of cardiac arrest at a popular gym in Wales


Man dies of cardiac arrest at a popular gym in Wales

A 52-year-old man has died after suffering a cardiac arrest in a popular gym in Wales.


According to those training at Pure Gym in the Kingsway Centre in Newport city centre, the man was training on a machine at the gym at around 11.30pm on Wednesday, July 21.


Suddenly, the man reportedly complained of feeling unwell to other gym users, before one other man stopped training to help him “cool off” by fanning him with a towel, WalesOnline reports.


The sick man then went to the bathroom, and another trainer told of how he “had a gut instinct” that he needed to follow him.


“I just had a gut feeling something was wrong when I saw him head to the toilet,” the gym-user, who wanted to remain anonymous, said.


“As I came out of the toilet he was on the floor and kept repeating that he had chest pains and that he couldn’t breathe.


“We got him into the right position and called the emergency services. But he then lost consciousness and we knew how serious it was….

Source: Linda Ikeji

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