Caitlyn jenner says she’s having ‘another grandchild’ apparently confirming rumours Kylie Jenner is pregnant


Caitlyn jenner says she

Caitlyn Jenner has said she recently found out she is expecting her 19th grandchild, fueling rumours Kylie Jenner is indeed pregnant as speculated.


Caitlyn, 71, made this known on Thursday, August 19, while visiting the Toy Store in Quincy, California.


Caitlyn is running to replace the current California Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, in a special election next month after a Republican-led effort gathered enough signatures across the state to force a recall vote.


While on the campaign trail at the toy store, Caitlyn said: “Eighteen grandchildren. I keep telling the girls — they’re not too excited about this, but — I wanna go for 30. Thirty grandchildren. It’s a round number.


“I just found out the other day that I have another one in the oven. Yes, I found that out the other day. So that’s 19, so we only got 10 to go.”


The Olympic gold medalist did not say which of her kids were expecting but people assumed she was referring to Kylie Jenner….

Source: Linda Ikeji