“Wearing trousers for ladies is not a sin. Paying tithe is not a ticket to heaven”



Malawi-based Nigerian Catholic priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu has advised people to emancipate themselves from superstitious beliefs and certain falsehoods including ones surrounding paying of tithes.


According to the priest, wearing of trousers by women is not a sin and neither is paying tithe a ticket to heaven. 


“Let us make this more explicit. . .

Eating of pork is not a sin.

Wearing trousers for ladies is not a sin.

Drinking alcohol is not a sin.

Not paying tithe will not take you to hell


Paying tithe is not a ticket to heaven.

Owl is not devilish.

Wall geckos and cats at your windows have nothing to do with your village people.

Speaking in tongues is not for everyone and you don’t learn it and you don’t forge it

There is nothing like spiritual husband.

Wet dream or nocturnal emmission is normal. It is not a sin.

The earlier your emancipate yourself from these falsehoods, the better



Source: Linda Ikeji