Hire African Tech Talents with ProDevs


Hire African Tech Talents with ProDevs

“Things start tiny and grow into something bigger. “
In Africa, the landscape for tech talent has shifted over time. With the advent of training institutes and the availability of online courses for self-tutoring, African organizations may now source talent locally rather than relying on foreign developers.

In Europe and North America, there are more chances for aspiring and current programmers than in Nigeria. Other digital disciplines, such as cyber-security and machine learning, are still too new to have substantial talent pools, needing Africa-focused job matching services.


As a result, ProDevs was founded, a remote job platform that connects African technical talent with global prospects.


Following the Covid-19 outbreak, subsequent events and indices suggest that remote working is feasible and likely to become the norm in the future. ProDevs’ remote jobs network aims to ensure that talented Africans are not left behind as the globe moves toward a digital…

Source: Linda Ikeji