BBNaija’s Tega and her husband hug and kiss for the first time after her eviction (video)


I say this truth and people will not believe. This Tega’s husband is a gay, trust me. Honestly, I hold nothing against anyone being gay because I am not homophobic, but I know some gay guys who got married and gave their wives the leverage to guck around. They won’t get jealous if their wife fucks any man, because their love and protection is for their man. I tell you this truth first hand and I’m sure this truth will surface soon. That is why she keeps saying they have an agreement and that is why she had the mind to do what she did by throwing caution to the wind. All those things that husband was doing was fake! Trust me, if she was married to a heterosexual man, she would never think of it. Just imagine the ladies in only relationships in the house, see how they comported themselves. I’m sure the gay husband is using Tega as a beard and probably told her that anything she wants to do in the house, she is free to, even if it means to fuck, because he knows the only…

Source: Linda Ikeji