I’m probably one of the most controversial people on earth


When all the dots get connected, it will make sense to you. It’s all part of your earthly journey. Don’t fight it, embrace and build on it. If your journey involves you walking through the fire, dance through it as if own the fire. You can make something beautiful out of it, trust me. It all depends on how you handle it. Next time, use your intuition to discern people coming into your life. Sharpen your intuition, so that you can pick and discern negative and positive energy/vibration from people you meet online and offline. Your intuition will help you see beyond what people try to show you. Spend more time independently and the right man will come. When you meet the right man, keep it to yourself and enjoy the relationship privately. Don’t compete with Churchill. Churchill’s path is different from yours. You don’t have all the time to be here on earth, for the little time we have, put in your best to fulfil your purpose. Be you and live your life as Tonto, let the world will…

Source: Linda Ikeji