Afghan girls school ban would be un-Islamic’


Afghan girls school ban would be un-Islamic

Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan has stated that preventing women from accessing education in Afghanistan would be un-Islamic as he laid out the conditions that would need to be met for Pakistan to formally recognise the new Taliban government

In an interview with the BBC published Tuesday,  September 21, Khan called for the Taliban leadership to be inclusive and to respect human rights.


 Khan also said Afghanistan should not be used to house terrorists who could threaten Pakistan’s and the West’s security.

Fears have grown over a return to the regime of the 1990s when the hardline Islamists severely restricted women’s rights.

Taliban leadership maintains that the rights of women will be respected “within the framework of Islamic law”.


Just last week, the Taliban excluded girls from secondary schools with only boys and male teachers allowed back. But Pakistan’s leader said he believed girls would soon be able to attend.

“The statements they have made since they came…

Source: Linda Ikeji