”’Our helper”- Cheering female supporters of FFK shout as he returns home after his defection from PDP to APC (video)


Poor hungry women! If your mother is part of these women, then you need to double your hustle to pull her out of the extreme poverty that made he subject herself to doing this. This is obviously a rented crowd. They just happened to be at the man’s home. Do you know a person like ffk will never allow such people come near him, because I’m sure his proud and bloated mind thinks they are nobodies. ‘Our helper ooh’ indeed. Ffk cannot even win an election in his own house talk more of having supporters. He should test his popularity by contesting for councillorship in his ward, let’s just see how the common okada rider ‘Azeez’ or ‘kunle’ will beat him pants down, pressed together and running over…

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Source: Linda Ikeji